Humanity has witnessed several approaches to the understanding of the Seven Rays influencing the evolutionary process on our planet. With each shift, in the cycles, impacting our solar system, humanity enters a new sphere of activity that strengthens their interaction with Shamballa and the Hierarchy. As humanity moves into an expanded state of consciousness, the field of perception begins to shift. The constructs which supported and guided us in the past have transformed and are now taking on and exhibiting a fresh dynamic mantle of light.

The arc of the Soul and its sphere of activity, during any given incarnation upon the earthly plane, is influenced by the rays. These rays will vary for each Soul and will often shift as the upward journey on the evolutionary spiral becomes a conscious reality. As the Soul realizes how these rays “Color” their earthly experience, a new perspective dawns in their awareness and they can embrace the strengths found within each.

A study of these rays will help in the identification of the guiding force overshadowing the Monad, Soul, and personality. Allow yourself ample time to reflect, during meditation, on the primary traits found in the personality and continue the journey into the exploration of the Soul and Monad. 

Seven Keys to the Seven Ray Methods.

Ray 1


"Let the Forces come together.  Let them mount to the High Place, and from that lofty eminence let the Soul look upon a world destroyed.  Then let the word go forth: 'I will persist'."


Once the personality ray has been identified and purification of the four bodies is underway, we can begin working on becoming Soul-infused. This is accomplished by practicing right thought, right speech, and right action (also known as the middle path) in our daily affairs. As these practices become a natural part of our consciousness, an expanded aspect of Soul-infusion is possible by releasing attachments, practicing divine dispassion, and becoming an Observer rather than an actor in life’s unfolding dramas. This will assist in creating a foundation that will support the construction of the antahkarana and the discovery of the Monad.

 We offer this perspective, upon the Seven Rays, for your reflection and consideration. Should this brief outline inspire a desire of inquiry, you will find the journey an illuminating one.