Seven Centers in the Head - Reflection and Application

This reflection is an adjunct to the teachings on the seven energy centers in the head and their relationship to the seven greater energy centers located in the etheric body, finding expression in the physical form. Many, not all, of those who research and explore the esoteric teachings of these centers tend to focus on one or several centers, expecting to expedite or enhance their spiritual growth and awakening. This approach, at its core, exemplifies separation and can create additional hurdles in the synthesis and purification of the four lower bodies and the anchoring of the Christ Self.

Let us present an observation that may prove helpful for those working to apply the understanding of these centers as a tool for expanded consciousness. There is a dynamic microcosmic (conscious use of this word rather than microcosm) environment that exists in the four lower bodies, that knows and is awaiting expression of the harmony and love flowing from the Soul, often called, or referred to as Christ Consciousness.

In the conscious knowledge that each of the seven centers in the head has a corresponding influence and connection to the seven greater centers, the harmony and love flowing from the Soul becomes a reality. We can assist in the creation of this reality using our imagination and the active application of this knowledge as it relates to the whole and not just to the areas, we may feel the need for improvement or activation. As each area is given equal time and attention an energetic focus of balance and harmony surrounds the activity, and each center responds with alignment and harmonious radiation.

As we continue with our daily meditations and the knowledge of these centers, the inner Self (Soul) knows which centers to activatehead center triangle smallTriangle of Force and enhance that will provide an expanded state of consciousness. If we allow the inner Self to regulate and activate the necessary centers, there is a natural unfolding that no number of esoteric exercises can accomplish. Add to this the application of sound, vibration, and light, in the daily meditative process, and the Soul-infused personality will experience an acceleration of the process.

Seven Centers in the head region and their correlation to the seven centers in the etheric body

  1. Bindu – Root
  2. Indu – Heart
  3. Manas – Sacral
  4. Talu- Throat
  5. Nirvana – Solar Plexus
  6. Ajna – Ajna Kshetram
  7. Ajna Kshetram - Ajna

An interesting fact leading to the understanding of these centers is the relationship of several sets of inter-related triangles that aresmall triangle1Click for larger image formed within the energy centers in the head. Additionally, there are two minor centers located behind each eye.

The following three triangles are visualized as moving energy in a clockwise fashion.

  1. Pituitary – Pineal- Carotid
  2. Nirvana-Talu/Alta Major- Ajna Kshetram
  3. Ajna Kshetram- behind left eye- behind right eye